Book Review – Snapshot by Brandon Sanderson

Detectives Chaz and Davis have been tasked to enter the Snapshot, a re-creation of the city of New Clipperton from 10 days ago, in order to solve a murder as it happens. While in the Snapshot they stumble upon a heinous crime that they were never supposed to investigate but that they just can’t ignore.

The technical aspects of this book are typical of Brandon’s work, quality writing throughout, the pacing is just about perfect, the dialogue  is snappy and believable, and the plot is tight.

The story feels as if Brandon approached it as fantasy not science fiction. The world building  supports the fantastic technology of the Snapshot program as opposed to a more scientific explanation. This worked well for me in explaining how this amazing Snapshot technology could exist in a world where the rest of the technology is not so different from our own.

The characters other than Chaz and Davis felt like props to me. I personally think that this was intentional and driven by the plot of the story, However as Brandon’s characters are usually very strong this can be a little jarring if you go into this read expecting his normal style.

Snapshot is not traditional Brandon Sanderson fare. However if you read Snapshot with an open mind I don’t think you will be disappointed.

I give Snapshot 4.5 out of 5 stars .

Snapshot at Goodreads.


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