Book Review- Fields of Fire by Marko Kloos 

Fields of  Fire is the fifth book in Marko Kloos’s Frontlines series, I recomend reading the other books in the series before reading Fields of Fire. This review will be mostly spoiler free. 

Fields of Fire continues the epic story of mankind’s battle for survival as view through the eyes of Lieutenant Andrew Grayson, a combat controller in the NAC navy.

The Frontlines series is among the best military science fiction and Fields of Fire is no exception. Mr. Kloos writing is consise and clean, there are very few unnecessary words. Fields of Fire is successful in its characterization of military life, speculative technology, and it is a first rate war story, but the character story of Andrew Grayson is the real star of this book. It made the huge apocalyptic plot relatable to me. It humanized the story perfectly. The pacing is great and the story will keep you turning pages long after you should have gone to bed. 

I enjoyed this book greatly, I recomend Fields of Fire and the rest of the Frontlines series to fans of military science fiction. The Frontlines series is an excellent entry point for those who have not yet read much military science fiction but are interested in the genre. 

Content warning; violence and profanity throughout, a few mild sexual references. 

I give Fields of Fire 4.9 out 5 stars.

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